|| farmer's market ||

// kimberly, paola and i headed to the farmer's market last weekend and boy was it humid! yuck! we were sweating our makeup off but having fun being silly girls. i purchased my favorite thing in the world, pumpkin bread! i can eat pumpkin bread until the cows come home and i devoured that loaf within 24 hours... i know, it's a problem! after shopping for a bit, we plopped down in the grass & i enjoyed a breakfast burrito which burned my mouth, partly from the temperature and partly from the peppers i didn't know about. it was worth it, so good! i love farmer's markets! you can find some great organic & locally grown foods there! the market we went to is this one.

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xoxo, kerri


  1. What fun! I do love a good farmer's market {hint, hint}

    1. oh girl, we're goin!!! i can't wait for you to take me to the one you go to :D when the one over by my house starts up again, i'll take you!


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