|| desert shoot ||

// here are a few more shots from my shoot with the lovely sarah bel gray. for more info on sarah bel photography, check out her page, here.
no more modeling for kerrin, i'm over it. i like eating pizza. i mean, don't get me wrong, if marc jacobs calls and asks me to be the new face of louis vuitton, i'm not gonna say "no".

//in other news...

// so, remember my friend, bethan? ya know, my posh london friend who inspired me to start exploring my city more! she created the new concept Explore Your Home Turf. whenever you find something new in your area, tweet/intagram at us using the hashtag #exploreyourhometurf. for more info on e y h t, check out bethan's post, here! she lays out all the details.

be inspired explore your city
xoxo, kerri


  1. Your posh comment is so funny (and only a teeny bit true!). Love your shots, the desert looks amazing (as do you!). Thanks for the explore your home turf love! x

    1. hahaha when do i ever get the chance to say "posh"??? Never! I had to throw that in! :D

  2. Well, what can I say, if I looked like you, I will probably be in every cover of every magazine. You are a BOMBSHELL! Whistle, Whistle all the way!

    I absolutely love the leggings and the shoes you are wearing. Your shots turned out great!


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