|| brb ||

// hey guys! i'm taking the next few weeks off from blogging. i've got a lot coming up and i won't have much time to blog. i anticipate i will be back the first week of september. thanks so much to all my faithful readers! 

xoxo, kerri


|| life lately, according to my iPhone ||

^^^ history & truth || aunt deb's growing pup ^^^
^^^ new office supplies || new journals ^^^
^^^ cali with kellie || shopping with momma ^^^
^^^ not a wedding dress || the almost purchased beatles tee ^^^
^^^ favorite $ theatre || new starbucks pumpkin loafs ^^^

// happy friday! have a safe and wonderful weekend. you'll be able to find me at my craft table all weekend, scrapbookin'

xoxo, kerri


^^^ what's up ^^^

// ... i'm so glad you asked

// my scrapbooking hobby has been resurrected from the dead thanks so becky higgins and heather of tickled yellow. i used to be an avid scrapbooker, let me tell you! i had my very own scrap room filled to the brim with paper and embellishments and cutters and adhesives, oh my! then i slowly stopped, got bored with it, but now... now, it's all new! too bad we got paid today, this paycheck is going towards supplies... i'll pay bills next month. 

// check out shereadstruth for amazing new bible studies. the pictures alone will make you want to snuggle up with the word.

// sons of anarchy is my new favorite show {beware: some parts of that show are super fowl}. dear future husband, please have a harley davidson cruiser! sincerely, your turned on future wife {sorry, t.m.i.}!

// my best and i leave for nyc in seventy seven days. wow! time keeps slippin', slippin', into the future!

//... and now, a story...


// tuesday nights are my date nights with my dad. we typically head to our favorite dollar theater to catch the not-so-latest film we're interested in seeing. star trek: into darkness was the winner {i highly recommend}. before i had to meet dad at the theater, i decided i had just enough time to swing by the in & out drive thru for a quick burger that i could eat while driving. i pull into the drive thru and began to wait until it was my turn to order. while waiting, i did what any normal person would do, i started surfing facebook, twitter & instagram. apparently, i was really into it because i drove completely past the little ordering speaker box. i didn't even realize i hadn't ordered anything until i got to the first window where you have to pay. i looked at the dude and then it hit me. i quickly apologized and said "i'm so sorry, i was completely distracted back there and i didn't even place my order". he laughed at me then told me it was OK and that i could order it right then and he could put a rush on it. sure enough, once i reached the next window my number two, no onions with a coke was ready! you gotta love in & out!

// moral of the story: social media is of the devil!

happy thurday!

xoxo, kerri


|| "hey! wanna go to cali this weekend?" "sure!" ||

// a few weeks ago my friend kellie had an audition in California so she asked me to tag along with her for moral support. i said "umm, yes!" here are a few of the photos from our last minute adventure. 
// there were over 700 people there for this particular audition and i had to get a picture of the line. this does not do it justice. i asked one of the guys helping with the audition if i could sit in and audit the process for a bit since i am getting into casting and he said "no". well, poo on you, mister! just kidding never hurts to ask. 

// after the audition we headed to the grove for lunch and some window shopping.
^^^ save it for later^^^
// wrapping up our trip with a little motion sickness on the car ride home. i hate that since i've gotten older my body says "no way, jose" to any type of motion. car rides? don't even think about it. roller coasters? keep dreaming! overall, it was a very educational and fun last minute trip to cali.

xoxo, kerri


|| featured ||

// the most exciting thing about blogging is the amazing people you'll meet. i have had the best experiences with the blogging community. everyone is so encouraging and i love how we all inspire one another. 

// this week, abigail from life in the fash lane {great blog title} featured me on her blog. i am so honored and humbled by this. thank you abigail. check out the post here! give her some love and a little follow!

// for my original post, click here!

// happy monday, make today amazing!

xoxo, kerri


|| pick of the week ||

// this weeks pick of the week is... the civil wars new album The Civil Wars
// did anyone else hear about the civil wars going splitzville??? well, either they did and then got back together or that was just a vicious rumor... anywhoo, they have a new album out and it is incredible. better than the first i dare add. if you ever have the chance to see them live, do it! they are probably the best show i've been to. the album is available on iTunes now, check it out!

happy friday
xoxo, kerrin


|| farmer's market ||

// kimberly, paola and i headed to the farmer's market last weekend and boy was it humid! yuck! we were sweating our makeup off but having fun being silly girls. i purchased my favorite thing in the world, pumpkin bread! i can eat pumpkin bread until the cows come home and i devoured that loaf within 24 hours... i know, it's a problem! after shopping for a bit, we plopped down in the grass & i enjoyed a breakfast burrito which burned my mouth, partly from the temperature and partly from the peppers i didn't know about. it was worth it, so good! i love farmer's markets! you can find some great organic & locally grown foods there! the market we went to is this one.

// what places have you been exploring lately? tweet em at us using #exploreyourhometurf 

xoxo, kerri


|| snail mail collective || july 2013

// remember a while back i shared with you that i joined the snail mail collective! the snail mail collective was created by chelsea & jeremy of lost in travels and melyssa of the nectar collective. each month, bloggers are able to sign up and then be partnered with a blogger in another country. your objective is to get to know people around the world, their customs, their way of life as well as the incredible places they live. you have two weeks to get to know your partner and send them a postcard with a gift no more than $5. last month i was partnered with bethan from a pretty place to play. bethan lives in london! incredible, i know! she & i started emailing and hit it off right away. she was telling me all about big ben and buckingham palace and i'm over here like, umm... here's another cactus!

// london is by far, more interesting than arizona. 

what i learned:

  • don't believe the myths about british food - it is really good!
  • bethan is originally from london but lived in south africa for a time
  • the guards at buckingham palace are welsh guards (either police or military). no one has been successful at making them laugh. when they are not guarding the palace, they are fighting in afghanistan.
  • bethan works in the london financial district
  • she says things like "i've been an utter failture", making me wish i had my new york accent so i can be just as cool!
// bethan sent me some cute little thank you cards along with this postcard of the guards at buckingham palace. how the heck did she know i love stationary?!? i promise i didn't tell her! she's good, that one.

// if you are interested in joining this months collective click here for the rules and information.

// for bethan's snail mail post, click here!

happy wednesday!
xoxo, kerri


|| texas comes home ||

// this beauty is one of my best friends of all time, literally... i've known her pretty much all of my time. alleah and i have been friends since we were two years old. we've got stories up the wazoo. from the time we fought over who got to play with which bunny and playing grocery store with those velcro plastic vegetables to the time our parents took us camping when we were six & she got stung multiple times by wasps & i escaped without a sting. ahhh yes, alleah and i have been through a lot together. anyways, she moved to austin texas last year & she was home this past week for a visit. we decided to get the jane austin book club (alleah, rebecca, mags, kellie and me) together for dinner and a movie! we went to true food kitchen at the scottsdale quarter. this place is fantastic! i am not a healthy eater by any means {i'm getting better} but i really enjoy this place! get the turkey burger - it's incredible!
// after dinner, we went to see the heat with sandra bullock and melissa mccarthy. hilarious! go see it but brace yourself for the language, lotta f-bombs!

happy tuesday!
xoxo, kerri
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