|| gigi's cupcakes ||

// when one is given a coupon for a free cupcake, one has the obligation to claim said cupcake. 

// brittany and i headed to gigi's this weekend and enjoyed these amazing sweet treats. brittany got the kentucky bourbon pie cupcake and i enjoyed the wedding cake cupcake. MmmMmm, these cupcakes are to die for {you will literally die of a sugar overdose...i kid, i kid.}. be sure to check them out, here!

// view brittany's post on gigi's, here!

// in other news...ahhh who am i kidding, i got nothing. go eat a cupcake!

happy tuesday!

xoxo, kerri

// ***photos taken by sean kyte


  1. Yess.. One would be ungrateful if one turned down a free cupcake! And we definitely don't want to seem ungrateful...

    1. Brittany, every time i read what kind of cupcake you got, i want to say Kentucky "derby" pie cupcake. hahaha

  2. It would be the height of rudeness to turn down (free) cake! x


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