|| elevate coffee co. ||

// exploring all that our great state has to offer with my friend brittany has been bunches 'o fun! we went to elevate coffee co. last week and had a blast being silly girls and learning how to navigate this new blog idea we have.

// {don't we make tick tac toe look ridiculously adorable! i think so. haha}

// elevate is located at the shops at norterra and they always have something going on... an art show, live music, etc. check em out, here!

// for brittany's post on elevate click, here!

// on a different note, last night, i had a dream that i chopped off all my hair and i woke up crying. maybe i should stop all this "i'm going to cut off all my hair" talk.

// happy monday

xoxo kerri 

// *** other photos taken by sean kyte


  1. I especially love my face in the b&w photo.. Thanks for that :) Many more adventures to come!

    1. AHHH! I'm so glad you said something. i posted the wrong one there. hold please!

    2. HHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, that is too funny! I thought that was the one you wanted!


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