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// it all started when i was in NYC in april {see new york label}, i have a cousin who is a casting director and an on camera commercial acting coach. she was teaching a class the week i was there and she invited me to join. during the class i was noticing that i was more concerned with her comments and stories about casting than i was with the actual acting that was going on in the class. i didn't think much of it until a few week after i got home. some friends of mine who i have known for years, brittany{from created}and her husband, started a film production company and were producing short films. i quickly got in contact with her and offered to help with anything they needed. brittany told me they were in need of finding talent for their future projects. i offered to help in that process and they signed me on as their casting director. they told me about a new project they had lined up called The Matchstick House. i posted a casting notice and we got a decent response. i auditioned the actors and then did callbacks, let me tell you, i am in love with casting. i think i have finally found my niche.
// the matchstick house is a heartfelt film. it will leave you rethinking every moment of life. newly married david and jennifer are looking forward to their new lives together. david is forced to confront his struggles and learns how hard it is to confront the unknown. please take a moment and watch our quick video...

// thank you for watching. if you are interested and able to help back our film, please click the link here. we are a team of people committed to making quality films that challenge and change our culture. our goal is that everything we do be done with excellence. we promise every cent you give will be used carefully and purposefully. 


  1. OMG This looks like a great experience!!!!
    Such a nice post! You are so lovely!
    I'm your follower on bloglovin, follower 7 that's me ;)
    Follow me back would be great so we stay in touch!
    Maybe we can also like each other Fb page?
    What do you think?
    Love, Lima xoxo


    1. Thank you Lima! Your blog is one of my favorites. I will definatley be following you on bloglovin' if i'm not already. my fb page for casting directing is https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kerrin-Chance-Casting/343165009057490 i don't have one for my blog. I will find your fb and "like' it.

      xoxo kerri

  2. Wow a casting director, that sounds like such an interesting/fun job. Good luck in all your future projects!


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