|| you'll never be bored ||

// oh hey!

// thinking your lotion exploded in your purse, then finding out it was the pack of butter from the roll you got at lunch. 

// shall I explain? i ate lunch at sauce and along with your meal they give you a little paper baggy with a roll & a packet of butter in it. i didn't have time to eat the roll so i threw the paper bag in my purse for later. later came & i ate the roll & threw out the baggy. apparently, the butter packet fell out in my purse and I didn't realize it. what's even worse, i kept rubbing the butter into my hands thinking it was lotion every time I had to reach into my bag and grab something. i kept thinking, wow, this lotion doesn't smell right!

// wait! it gets better!

// after the butter bag fiasco i thought i deserved some olive garden! i drove to the restaurant, was seated in a cozy booth and ordered my favorite, zuppa toscana. when i finished the meal, the lovely waitress brought me my bill. i turned to my freshly changed bag and began digging through it. then it hit me, kerrin, your wallet is still at home on the counter where you cleaned out your other bag. mortified, i flagged down the waitress and began explaining my butter bag story to her and then promised i'd be right back with money. i offered my phone as collateral and she laughed and said she trusted me to be right back. i sped home, as fast as one can speed home without ones license, and then returned to the restaurant and left that sweet server a very large tip! 

// moral of the story... who the heck knows?

// what's new in my world? i'm so glad you asked...

// disneyland is a week away. i am so excited to go and celebrate the birth of abigail suzanne. we also will be hitting up the beach and being awful daughters for leaving our fathers on father day... oops! i love you dad!

// brittany from the blog created and her husband started a production company {you may remember project 53}. i have signed on to the team as the casting director {see my page here} for their projects and i am so excited. we have a new project called the matchsitck house, please check out our facebook page here for all the deets and don't forget to "like" it!

//  what's new with you?


  1. Replies
    1. haha tanks Mimz! Why are you showing up anonymous?

  2. Oh my gosh. I died laughing reading this. "i kept thinking....this lotion does not smell right!" hahahahaha I LOVE it. I love you.

    1. hahaha i'm a dork, what can i say?!?


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