|| monday with mom ||

// ok! i know what you are thinking, finish up with these new york posts, kerrin! you must be thinking that because i'm definitely thinking it. 

//monday, mom and i had planned to take a drive to her old neighborhood in Brentwood to see the house she grew up in  and would eventually own.
// it was really cool to see my mom in the place where she grew up, a place she hadn't been in 25 years. as soon as we pulled up to the house she got out of the car and ran over to the entryway of the house and yelled with excitement, "kerrin, grandpa put this walkway in and those black handrails by the door... and he and uncle "so and so" put that sidewalk in on the side of the house leading to the backyard!!!"
// i am pointing to my first bedroom. mom still has trouble taking pics with the iphone {notice finger}.

// we had an awesome morning of driving up and down the streets in her neighborhood.  literally, every house  we past she was like "oh kerrin 'so and so' lived here". she knew everyone in her neighborhood because they all went to school together. 
// we drove to her elementary school and her middle school . we drove past the street that lead into the woods and she said "oh that's where we would sneak out and go drink in the woods".  haha

// later that evening we visited with old family friends, the clay's and the carmels. mama carmel made her famous pizza from scratch. i don't have enough time to tell you how amazing it was!  

// amazing monday!!!

// tuesday, we headed back into the city to visit the 911 memorial...

// number of days we have been in new york: 5
// number of uncontrollable & excited "oh my gosh's" coming from my mother{see my vine feed}: 243
// number of new friends: 26
// number of slices of pizza i have consumed: 14

next NYC post here

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