|| disney || part four

// recap
// disney
// the last day of our trip was father's day {bad daughters}. we got up early and headed to huntington beach. we hit some of the new shops and then had lunch at ruby's on the pier. after lunch, we set sail for home.

{side note: i always forget that i take photos on my iphone as well as my canon. hence, the random disneyland pictures in this post. i thought i'd throw them in as a recap of our trip - i totally meant to do that!}

// cali is a great place for a quick weekend turn-a-round trip.
// we four had a blast
// that's it for this trip - until next time.

// oh yeah,  last night my best booked our flight for new york.  that's right, i'll be heading back in november!

// happy thursday


  1. Great pictures Kerrin. I really enjoyed seeing all the pics from your trip. Yes! I get to see more NY pictures!! You lucky girl you!


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