|| 9/11 memorial || part two

// it was very surreal being there. everyone was quiet and respectful. all you could hear was the rushing water from the two footprints of the towers that were turned into fountains

// truly, a necessary site to see if ever you are in nyc

// one of my cousins worked in tower two. on september 11th, 2001 the lights flickered in her building as the first plane crashed into tower one. her boss got a phone call saying everything was fine and that they were to stay in their building as they were securing tower one. my cousin followed her instincts and said "no way". she made it out of tower two and saw broken airplane parts all over the ground. as she looked up at her building, the second plane came crashing in over her head. she turned around, started walking and never looked back. she saw the towers fall from the last ferry out of new york that day.

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