|| numbers ||

// the number of days until we shoot The Matchstick House {lord-willing}: twenty two
// the number of days until jessica visits from NYC: twenty four
// the number of water bottles i consume per day while driving without ac in my car:  fourteen
// number of days i have left to decide:  one hundred eighty seven
// the number of days until i head to NYC with my best : one hundred twenty six

// have an amazing weekend


|| disney || part four

// recap
// disney
// the last day of our trip was father's day {bad daughters}. we got up early and headed to huntington beach. we hit some of the new shops and then had lunch at ruby's on the pier. after lunch, we set sail for home.

{side note: i always forget that i take photos on my iphone as well as my canon. hence, the random disneyland pictures in this post. i thought i'd throw them in as a recap of our trip - i totally meant to do that!}

// cali is a great place for a quick weekend turn-a-round trip.
// we four had a blast
// that's it for this trip - until next time.

// oh yeah,  last night my best booked our flight for new york.  that's right, i'll be heading back in november!

// happy thursday


|| disney || part three

before you scroll, click play > Prince Ali by Disney on Grooveshark you gotta have the full effect

// aren't abby's facial expressions great! haha well as you can see, we got the royal treatment at disneyland!
it was magical
//tomorrow we hit huntington beach for some shopping and lunch on the pier with some old friends.


|| disney || part deux

// "the fuuuuunnn has arriiiiiived" - turk, tarzan
// disney was great fun! i found out that i can't ride roller coasters anymore because they make me sick. that part was not fun. not that i am a huge roller coaster fan to begin with but still, i'd like to have the option. looks like i will need lots of dramamine for future ventures.
// the disney characters weren't really walking around the park like i remember they were when i had my first trip to disney at the age of eight. i dug up my ancient autograph book from that trip and brought it along to have the characters that i didn't see last visit sign the book but, no luck. oh well.  so much for  nostalgia!
// after wandering around the park for a while, we noticed they had blocked off a certain road and large amounts of people started to gather. abby reminded us about the disney parade! sarah with her sneaky ways, grabbed an employee working the parade and told her is was abby's birthday. the employee walked us over to a reasonably large area that was blocked off labeled "VIP section". yes, we had our very own private section right in the front to watch the parade... but that's for tomorrow's post!

// happy tuesday everyone!
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