|| times square best western ||

// ma and i wanted to stay at least one night in manhattan so we were going to search the city for a cheap hotel until one of my mom's clients, who works for best western, offered to get us a free nights stay at the best western in times square... nahh, i think we'll pass! 


// when we arrived at the hotel, the front lobby was packed full of people we could barely see the front desk. once we fumbled over a few people, the front desk...uhh... dude told us that they had to bump our room. ma & i looked at each other in slight panic. he then handed us our key cards and said "you go in the elevator and push the 'PH button', your room number is 1602". ma says "PH button?" {don't forget her accent, people}. the lovely man behind the counter replied with "PH stands for penthouse, we needed to move you to that room". my mother, not understanding that the Lord was trying to bless us, starts arguing with the man "why did you have to move our room?!?" he smiled and said "you ask questions, i take it back!"  ma and i looked at each other in amazement , laughed and said "ok then, thanks!"
// my back is to our front door. you see that tv on the wall? it was on a track in the ceiling and you could pull the entire screen across the patio window if you wanted. oh yeah, we had a patio...
// look to the left of the big building and down that street is times square
// here's our messy unmade bed {my back is to the patio window}. it was up on platform that my mother kept forgetting was there so i would hear her stub her toe on it often{4 times to be exact}.

// and now for the pièce de résistance... the bathroom!
// as you walk in, to the right, we have the amazing jacuzzi tub! the entire bathroom was marble
// as you walk in, to the left, we have the toilet/bidet{weird}. you can see the wall behind the toilet? well, behind that was the shower with two shower heads. the entire bathroom is an open space. those two metal squares on the floor - heaters to warm up the cold floors - ya!
// the huge hanging white square to the left with the outlet on it is the back of the mirror. and who doesn't need a flat screen in the bathroom?!? i sure do!
// see!
//  the amazing sink. i have to say this is probably my dream bathroom. wouldn't you agree?

//  after settling in to our new digs, we remembered we hadn't eaten any dinner yet. diane and jess met us at our penthouse, we added a few more layers for the cold weather and we were off to dinner in times square...
// jess and i on our patio
// number of days we have been in new york: {still} 3
// number of uncontrollable & excited "oh my gosh's" coming from my mother{see my vine feed}: 93
// number of new friends: 5
// number of slices of pizza i have consumed: 3
// number of angry car horns: 4,272

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  1. beautiful hotel room.
    have fun here in ny.

  2. I can't tell you enough how jealous I am of that rooftop lounge area. That is ridiculously awesome.


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