|| times square and the counter ||

// as we are walking down the street, i start taking pictures of all the lights and the signs and then i grabbed jessica and said "jess, wait! i know this place, it's famous or i've seen this in a movie or something!" she looks at me, laughs and says "kerrin, this is times square!"

... don't tell anyone i did that!

in my defense the last time i was in times square, this huge mall area with the tables and chairs and staircase wasn't there. it was still two roads. lol 
// we walked up times square and then finally made it to dinner at the counter
// this place was good!!! it was a perfect ending to a very packed friday.

// after dinner we went back to the hotel, i needed my beauty sleep because the next morning i needed to be up and ready for my acting class...
// number of days we have been in new york: {still} 3
// number of uncontrollable & excited "oh my gosh's" coming from my mother{see my vine feed}: 104
// number of new friends: 5
// number of slices of pizza i have consumed: 3
// number of angry car horns: 4,294

next NYC post here

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