|| hell's kitchen flea market ||

// saturday morning i woke up bright and early for an acting class with my cousin. my cousin is a casting director in ny as well as an acting coach. before mom and i even got to ny, my cousin informed me that she had a class starting the saturday that we were in ny and she wanted me to sit in on it... OK!!!!
it was fantastic!
i loved seeing her in action with the students. i learned so much!

// after class, we headed to the hell's kitchen flea market. the one place that was a "must-see" on my list of things to do in ny.
// i purchased a vintage betsy ross flag & a metal cuff bracelet. the hell's kitchen flea market was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. 
// that night, jessica invited me out to dinner for one of her friends birthdays and then to her boyfriends bands gig at arlene's grocery...
// number of days we have been in new york: 4
// number of uncontrollable & excited "oh my gosh's" coming from my mother{see my vine feed}: 104
// number of new friends: 5
// number of slices of pizza i have consumed: 3
// number of angry car horns: 4,294

next NYC post here

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  1. omg im drooling looking at all those fabulous jewelry pieces, etc!!! oh my!!!


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