|| dinner with the gang & arlene's grocery ||

// after dinner we walked down to arlene's grocery. on the way, jessica volunteered to give an interview with investigation discovery (i think it's a tv series) about a date from hell she had - it was hilarious!

// arlene's grocery to see fishdoctor
// it was an awesome night of meeting new people and exploring new places. fishdoctor (the band) was amazing! check out their music and don't forget to like their facebook page here and follow them on twitter, here!

// the next morning (sunday) we had to get up early and jet back to long island for my aunt's surprise party. it was a long and amazing day of seeing family mom hadn't seen in 25 years and family i'd never really met!

// monday, mom and i spent the morning driving around her old neighborhood. i practically died laughing at the stories she was telling me of her in her youth...
next NYC post here

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