|| unfathomable blessings ||

// to begin - God totally blessed mine and my mom's socks off with this trip! it came out of nowhere, very unexpected. my mom's best friend from 7th grade and her husband completely took care of everything! they purchased our plane tickets and let us stay with them. they took care of our meals and our transportation. they went above and beyond to make us feel like we were family. the immeasurable amount of generosity they showed us was very humbling. they gave without any expectation of something in return. this truly was the best trip of mine and my moms life.

// we flew out thursday morning and arrived at JFK around dinner time. dianne and vinny picked us up from the airport. vinny even created a sign that said "Robin and Kerrin" {you know, like the limo drivers who pick up famous people in the airport?}. it was hysterical ...and perfect! from the moment we got in dianne and vinny's car, my mom and her old high school buddies were like three yentas, reminiscing about high school days. i swear, i have never heard three people talk as loud and as fast ...and as on top of each other as these three were. it was amazing ...and frightening all at once. 
// since we weren't fed on the plane {whatever happened to those little bags of peanuts?!?}, dianne and vinny took us to this amazing italian restaurant, Vinnie's Mulberry Street, owned by vinnie, who they all went to high school with. my mom walked right up to vinnie and he remembered her. keep in mind, my mother hadn't been back to new york in 25 years. seeing my mom talk to people she hadn't seen since she was my age was really cool. 
// after dinner, we headed home & got a good nights sleep. in the morning, we would take the bolt bus from long island to manhattan!!!
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