|| NY Countdown: Guest Post ||

// guest post by Courtney of coco loves carlos

// “In New York… Concrete jungle where dreams are made, there’s nothing you can’t do, now you’re in New York…”

// i used to dream of New York City as a kid. i grew up right outside Chicago, and i loved it, but New York was a real city, with a subway, Broadway shows, Central Park, national morning shows, Fashion Week… everything you could want from a city. then i moved to the Phoenix area for college, and those of you who live here, you know how much more that made me want the city!

// i finally got the chance to see the New York City lights for the first time in the spring of 2006. my husband is from New York originally and most of his very large Puerto Rican family is still there. his grandparents were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary with a vow renewal and party in the city, and though we were only dating at the time, he invited me to go with. i could not have been more excited! we knew that most of our time would be spent preparing for the celebration and catching up with family, but we did get to squeeze in some wonderful time exploring.

// we did a lot of walking, of course. everyone does in that city! it’s chaotic, crowded, loud, and fabulous. at first, we just wandered around, taking it all in. i spent some time taking photos for a college photo project.
// there are so many beautiful buildings and such awesome architecture.
// on our walk, we visited the World Trade Center Memorial. i’m sure we all remember where we were and what we were doing when the Towers fell. it was incredibly sad, very moving, but we were still able to capture some beauty.
// the developers let this piece of rubble stand- i think it’s a pretty powerful symbol, a cross in the middle of the chaos and devastation.

// we took a ride on the ferry to see none other than Lady Liberty, of course! {sidenote: we were both in a bit of a punk phase- oh, that hair! my norm is long and blonde!} the Statue itself was undergoing repairs, so it was closed, but it was worth it to relax and sight-see from the ferry.

//we also spent some time hunting down some New York City staples:
// so wish we had been able to take the time to see Rent! it’s one of my favorites.


// and we just had to take a carriage ride through Central Park! it was cold and getting dark, so the park was quiet and peaceful- you could almost forget you were in one of the busiest cities in the world.

// we spent some time back in Times Square one evening, acting like tourists and dreaming about what it must be like to be surrounded by these bright lights every night.

// the city was amazing, but the sweetest part of the trip by far was watching Carlos’ lovely grandparents recommit to each other for the rest of their lives. after 50 years, these two are more in love than ever. they had a full blown ceremony, with his grandma walking down the aisle, making their vows, cake, dancing {yes, that included salsa and merengue}, even Carlos and his Uncle Charlie performing a song Carlos wrote for them. it was so inspiring to see such love!

// between the amazing energy, sights, and lights of the city, and the celebration of love I got to be a part of, you can see why NYC is one of my favorite places to be. and why I am so jealous of Kerrin’s upcoming trip! 
if you've never been, GO!
// Courtney

// three more days until new york
// if you would like to be a guest on kerri and share your ny trip, 
please message me at {kerrin dot chance at gmail dot com}

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