// so after a brief period of "blogging" with tumblr, i have decided that it is not for me. the main reason i switched was because i preferred the layouts they offered to the layouts blogger offers. i really like how tumblr automatically adjusts the photos so that they are all the same size. i really hate having to manipulate them in blogger. however, i am realizing that tumblr is created more for photos rather than actually writing sooooooo.... 
the solution? i am looking for someone to create me a custom layout that will automatically adjust my photos to a specific size instead of me manipulating them myself. If you or someone you know are handy with creating layouts and won't charge me an arm & a leg, please feel free to leave a comment below and let me know. Thanks a bunch!

// as for this blog, i will be picking up where i left off by posting all my new york photos. i apologize if you have already seen the photos and heard all the stories behind them, you are going to see and hear them again! If you haven't, please be prepared for photo-overload.

// it's good to be back!

happy monday


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