|| gina la fornarina ||

// when we reached the city via bolt bus, we took a cab to jessica's apartment {dianne & vinny's daughter} on the upper east side. i knew jessica only through baby photos that covered our refrigerator growing up. we had never met or even spoken to one another before. the second jess and i met, it was like we'd known each other for years. the whole week we were trying to figure out why we clicked so fast and so well. we concluded that it must be because of the connection between our mothers. 
i love this picture of all of us.

// after we chatted for a bit in jessica's three bedroom, $4500/per month manhattan apartment, jess asked what we wanted to do for lunch. i told her that i didn't want to do any chain restaurants while we were here since we were in the city that has some of the greatest hole in the wall restaurants ever! she agreed and walked us about 20 feet down the block from her apartment to Gina La Fornarina.
// after we ate our first manhattan pizza pie we walked around the city a bit...

// number of uncontrollable & excited "oh my gosh's" coming from my mother{see my vine feed}: 27
// number of days we have been in new york: 3
// number of new friends: 3
// number of slices of pizza i have consumed: 3

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  1. Its ok, I've already heard the story, so I wont choke you for leaving me hanging in every post!! Bah! =)

    1. bahaha gotta leave em wanting more, right? :)


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