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so what's been happening lately?

 // thirteen days until new york. i am still wondering what clothes to pack. i know it will still be cold when we are there but i just hope it's not so cold that i have to go buy all this heavy winter gear that i won't need on a regular basis. ugh. the thought of it is giving me hives.

// peace and rest for my soul. dear Jesus, you are amazing. thank you for being so faithful and magnificent! join me in the identity challenge! |part one| |part two|

// brittany from Created has a new project, 53. check out the trailers here |trailer one| |trailer two|

// my dad is going in to the hospital tomorrow to have a procedure done that will hopefully eliminate the problems he's been having with his heart. please say a prayer for him.

// trying to wrap my head around being twenty six now. oh dear. thank you all for the amazing birthday wishes.

// will be in tucson this weekend with two of my aunts to visit my cousin and little man. i hope little man is feeling better.

//  happy day before friday,

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  1. I seriously cannot wait to see all of your pictures (and vines ;) from your NYC trip!!


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