||NY Countdown: Guest Post||

// guest post by: Tabitha{my best} of Mimzi
While in NYC, eating Italian food in Little Italy is a must!!

I'm so excited to do this guest post on Kerri's blog! Or as I call her, Fella.

She is going to New York in less than 2 weeks and I'm SO jealous!! The hubs and I went to New York City for our honeymoon and it was one of the best decisions we made. We both have always wanted to go to New York. I had been once, but it was for a total of one day...ONE! You cant experience New York City in one day... I'm not sure you can fully experience New York in 10, but we gave it our best effort. The hubs had never been, and we figured that someday we would have kids, and taking kids to New York City just sounds like a job, not a vacation. So, we thought, what better time than our honeymoon! We left the bathing suites and sunscreen at home, packed our long sleeve shirts and walking shoes, and took off for the big city.

We had the time of our lives!

We did all of the typical New York touristy things the first 4 days we were there. I've never done so much walking in my life. (I don't recommend paying the astronomical rate to go to the top of the empire state building...but that's just me) We were there during a huge food fair which was probably one of our favorite things we did while in the city. There were tens of thousands of people...it was insane. The hubs and I are not at all foodies, but for that weekend we pretended to be, and had so much fun doing it. Aside from the food fair, our other favorite thing was Broadway. We saw Phantom of the Opera and Wicked... This was my second time seeing Wicked. What an experience to see it on Broadway. Even my all about football hubby loved it...he LOVED it! Take that Tony Romo!

Being kissed by the handsome hubs in Times Square = priceless

// Serendipity
We had heard so much about the frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity that we had to check it out for ourselves...plus I love the movie =)

One of the other things we did while in NYC, that I HIGHLY recommend, is a dinner cruise. It was a small boat with about 15 people on it, so it was very cozy and intimate. The tour took us under all of the major bridges to the city. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. The couple in the picture with us was on their 50th anniversary. We loved hearing them talk about their kids, grand kids and marriage.

// Central Park
One of the days we were there was dedicated to Central Park...um, its HUGE! We started out walking from one end and thought "lets walk to the Metropolitan Museum of Art"...on the other side of Central Park....no big deal.......HA! By the time we got there, I didn't have the energy to care about art. I just wanted to sit down somewhere!

// Broadway
The best show I've ever seen.

 We celebrated my birthday while we were there. Yes, we got married a week before my birthday. I wanted to get married before I turned 30. 
Dont judge!
As a gift, the hubs took me on a carriage ride. It was beautiful! and better than walking all over central park =) However, it is expensive and I really wouldn't recommend it for the price. Put on those walking shoes and enjoy the park for free. That's my advice...but don't walk all the way to the Met =)

// Kissing again!
Another kiss in Times Square, because its our honeymoon and that's what you do on your honeymoon, right?

 // Statue of Liberty
Someone (a local) told us that it wasn't really worth it to go to the Statue of Liberty and that we should take the fairy (which is free) because it goes/drives/floats? right by her, so we did that and it was awesome! I recommend doing it that way, unless you have time and money to go to the actual Island to see her. 

// Grand Central Station
This is Grand Central Station. Ok, THE coolest thing to do here, is find the "Whispering Wall" I stood in one corner and the hubs stood in the opposite corner about 15 feet away, with people walking all around making all kinds of noise. Todd spoke into the corner just above a whisper and the way the room/area is built, his voice carried over to me, and I could hear him over all of the noise in the station. It was pretty friggin cool if you ask me, but I'm a small town girl, so I'm easy to amuse.

 Last but not least, the Brooklyn bridge. Beautiful, cold, and windy. Loved it!

I could go on all day about this trip. All I can say is, now I know what all of the hype is about. New York City did not disappoint.
// Tabitha

// seven more days until new york
// if you would like to be a guest on kerri and share your ny trip, 
please message me at {kerrin dot chance at gmail dot com}


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