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/1/ i secretly want to be lara croft: tomb raider. i guess that's not really a secret anymore. i want to study archaeology, then go to Egypt or Cambodia or somewhere and discover an ancient artifact{s}. and i also want to learn how to kick people's butts like she does.
what i'll need: courses on archaeology. guns {x}, lots of money, big mansion, killer arm muscles

/2/ the only bone i have ever broken is my big toe by jumping off some bleachers. i know, i'm so hardcore.

/3/ i love envelopes. i will buy boxes of them.

/4/ when i was little i had asthma and was on 3 inhalers 3 times a day. the doctor told me i would never have any pets otherwise i would die... Jesus healed me, i now have 3 dogs.

/5/  i could eat Rubios everyday of my life.

// welp! there you have it, five random facts about me. I now tag Tabby, Kimberly, Bree, Brittany & Courtney!

// happy thursday //

1 comment:

  1. I love all of these! Especially #1!
    You could TOTALLY pull it off!


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