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well hello march{birthday month}

i'm in love
i am having so much fun learning to play the ukulele.
i must admit, learning to read music & what all these symbols mean is a little confusing.
plus, i attempted to tune the thing all by my {tone deaf} self.
i am following an instructional dvd and the chick on the video played each string how it is supposed to sound and i tried my best to tune mine to sound like hers.
after a few hours of frustration, i finally downloaded a ukulele tuning app on my iphone - oh yes, it exists!
{it's not very good, but it does exist!}
oh well
i'll just have to take it to the music man i call "dad" and have him tune it for me.

so! as of right now i am attempting to learn chords on an instrument that isn't properly tuned! fantastic!

this is what that looks like
you see that look of confusion?
i call it "focus".

happy friday everyone


  1. You're so cute! Love your leggings!

  2. This is so adorable! I love your leggings, too. Keep up the great work girl! I cant wait to hear you play!


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