<< this mug is in a magazine >>

so remember the post i wrote about how i "got married and had a kid"?!?
that was for a magazine shoot. and i can finally give you the details about it because the magazine is out.
it's called Valley Lifestyles Magazine, a local magazine in the Gilbert, Chandler & Queen Creek area. the concept was "a day in the life of a budget shopper", you get to spend the day with The Fragile Fashionista {"me"} and her family as she provides tips on how to shop frugally.

here are some of the behind the scenes shots that were taken using my camera.

// gettin all perty

// the amazing photographer {sarah bel} waiting patiently while the war paint is applied to my face

// ya, get it!

// "put my arms up"?!?

// oh! like this!!!

// grr baby

// get it out of my face

// family time! let's take a stroll around the park

// slippers

// the team

well, those are a few shots from the shoot. hope you like.
You can pick up a hard copy of the magazine if you feel like taking a road trip up to Queen Creek {say "hi to my brothers & their families while your there} or you can check out the digital version here!

happy friday all!


  1. I know her! I know her!!! Yeah, shes my best friend...whatev
    (bragging right) (write?) Anyway, YAY!!!

    1. ^^^ it's true! she is The Best Friend! :D

  2. That is so awesome! You looked gorgeous!

    XO, Kelsey


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