^^^what's up^^^

//listening to the You've Got Mail movie soundtrack and planning New York with help of Nat The Fat Rat

36 more days! 

I can't contain my excitement!!!

//meanwhile, i've got the urge to sell everything i own. 

Garage sale in two weeks people!!!
***OK, maybe not everything i own, but a good portion of things i don't need or use...or want***

//the magazine photo shoot i did like a million years ago comes out next week! {eek!} 
i'll find out friday if i made the cover. finally, i'll be able to post all those behind the scenes photos i have.

//the agency prep class that i am taking turned into a "you really don't need to get signed with an agency to do what you want to do" type of a session after talking with my instructor about my goals. {more on that in a later post}  however, loving every minute i learn more and more about this thing called acting. 

//i ordered my ukulele this morning.  found out my dad used to play {what else is new, the man can & has played every instrument} expect to be wowed by the most fantastic ukulele videos you've ever seen!

//i leave you with a little joy to end your tuesday

1 comment:

  1. You're the cutest. And so is Nat The Fat Rat. Love her. You're going to have a blast!


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