This Weekend

Happy Friday All!!!

//so tonight I am attending a fashion show called Fashion For A New Life 2 benefiting New Life Center: A Refuge From Domestic Violence. My friend Sarah is a very gifted artist/designer/stylist {you name it, this girl can do it} who has a piece in the show so I will be going in support of her.  Check out Sarah's blog here! Also, the women who runs the event gave me a media pass to the event since I am a blogger so I will be posting all about the event next week. 
Stay tuned!
***side note: I literally had nothing to wear so I apologize in advance for my lack of fashion forwardness***

//since my acting head shots are outdated, my friend James graciously offered to shoot my new head shots tomorrow. total blessing! thank you James!!!

//sunday...sunday? I feel like I have something going on this sunday besides church but I can't remember what!... 
OH MY GOODNESS, it's the Academy Awards!!! who's as excited as I am???? 
I will don my full length bridesmaid dress {probably the one I wore for Bree's wedding} & wave at the imaginary people sitting in my living room. Then, when that magic moment happens, I will give a heartfelt, tear-jerking, spirit-filled "thank you" to the academy for this amazing Oscar hairbrush!
"you like me, you really like me!"

You know you've practiced an acceptance speech of some sort in front of the mirror before, don't lie!

...OK...I'm back, 
{I've been doing that a lot lately.}

what are your weekend plans?


  1. Bahahahah!!! I am soooo honored that you are choosing MY dress to wear at the Academy Awards!! You will look STUNNING, my dear! So excited to see the pictures of Sarah's event tonight. Your new head shots will look FABULOUS! You have a fun weekend! Love you!


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