Hosted by: Kimberly & Kerri

Each blogger who wants to participate will be randomly paired up with another blogger to do a Gag-gift exchange! All packages must be shipped out so they can arrive to the other bloggers destination.

On March 1st, we will all post about the blogger we received a package from, and about the gag-gift they sent us!

So where does the “party” part come in?

You will then link up the post you wrote onto our blogs. The link party will be interlined between both hosts for one giant link up party!

The package must be a gag gift of some sort, no more than $10-$15!

***Define Gag Gift - A gift given at a gift exchange, strictly for comedic effect.***

Just make it something small and fun, preferably something to go along with the bloggers personality. For example, if the blogger you've been paired up with has a very humorous and outgoing personality maybe head to Party City and purchase them a pair of huge clown glasses.

Try to get to know the other blogger, and send them something that will put a smile on their face. Be creative! If you are having trouble thinking of something, you can always e-mail one of us for some suggestions.

So how will this work?

Any blogger who wants to participate will e-mail Kimberly their name and blog address to bostonksox@gmail.com with “Gag-Gift Blog Party” in the subject line. Participants, please email all submissions by Feb 22nd.

Each blogger will be randomly paired up with another blogger, and will receive that blogger's e-mail and web address.

It is then up to those bloggers to give each other their shipping address so they can send each other their gag gifts! (Try and get to know your new blogging friends!)

Make sure to ship out your packages by an appropriate date so that the other person will get their package BEFORE March 1st. Then make sure to write up a post about the person you met, and what they sent you! And don’t forget to link it up to BOTH BLOGS to spread the love and meet tons of new bloggers!

Hope we can all meet some new people in the blogging world, spread smiles with some gift giving, and spread some blogging love for 2013!

***Must be at least 18 to participate, thank you for understanding***

Happy Friday!!!

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