Book Challenge Update: Girls With Swords

It's going very well. I am half way through the book and am taking notes like crazy! This book is dripping with wisdom. I know the title is "Girls" With Swords but it really should be "Church" With Swords. This book, much like Lisa's other books is for men too.
Here are some of my notes from the book...
  • It is time we pray that the Lord of the harvest opens our eyes and widens our gaze so that we too might see beyond the obvious and live out the actions of heaven's heroes
  • Life in the Spirit means we no longer give way to the base actions & emotions that tether us to our own strength and striving
  • Acting human isn't large enough to steward what is inside of us. We actually behave in a superhuman way when we eliminate jealousy and strife from the equation of our lives. We supersede the fleshly norm by choosing to walk in one accord. (see 1 Corinthians 3:3)
  • Has blaming the woman ever freed the man? No! Has blaming the man ever freed the woman? No! Jesus came to take the blame once and for all. Blame is always a distraction from what is truly going on.
... so many more gems but if I write anymore, I'll be typing the entire book. So, as the Reading Rainbow guy always says "...don't take my word for it!" Go buy the book. It's available February 12th.
#38   God's ability to wash us clean
#37   the steadfast love of our God
#36   the abundant mercy of our God

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