Jane Austen's Emma: A Sumptuous New Romantic Musical Comedy

Last night, our version of The Jane Austen Book Club (Alleah, Kellie, Rebecca, Maggie & I) went to see Jane Austen's Emma: A sumptuous new romantic musical comedy at The Herberger Theatre. We were a little hesitant on the "musical comedy" part, thinking that the show might be cheesy but it was in fact, perfection! If you haven't seen Emma have no fear, you've probably seen Clueless which is a movie adaptation of Emma. To be honest, I sometimes get a little lost in the language of Jane Austen. During the show I was finding myself at times resorting back to the movie Clueless to help me better grasp this production.

Shortly after I took this picture, a disgruntled old theatre usher comes up to me and screams "you can't take pictures of the set! It's copyrighted! You'll have to put your camera away and delete those pictures you took!" - Ya OK! Let me get right on that!

The Herberger Theatre is probably my favorite theatre in Phoenix

A few pictures of us girls!

Much to our surprise we recognized the actor playing our leading lady, Emma. It was none other then Anneliese ban der Pol. You might recognize her as Chelsea Daniels from the hit Disney TV show That's So Raven.

Anneliese was fantastic, to say the least! And who knew she could sing!!! Whooo-eee, can that girl sing! Kellie described her voice as honey! Which was literally the perfect adjective.

It was a great night with the girls!
“It's such a happiness when good people get together.”
― Jane Austen, Emma

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