Fall In Flagstaff - Instagram Style

We decided we had had enough of the heat in Phoenix so we thought we'd spend the day in Flag //three girls on a road trip to Flagstaff

>>you have to throw them up in the air! It's like a rule or somethin'


 //we got there around noon and had lunch at a tiny little hole in the wall pizza place called Alpine Pizza //the pizza was fantastic //I told the girls we couldn't eat anywhere franchised, everything had to be hole in the wall places //you find the best food in places like that //we ate and then explored downtown //we went shopping and then asked some locals where a good hang out was in Flag, they told us about Macy's Coffee house so we headed in that direction //Macy's was super trendy and a super good coffee house // once we were finished there we went to Real Good Stuff, a thrift store right down the street // It was cute & we met a guy who used to go to a local church back in Phoenix //Finally! Some Jesus people up in Flagstaff! //around 5pm, we were getting bored //surprisingly, Flagstaff wasn't as entertaining as we thought it would be, so we decided to head to Prescott for dinner //we ate at The Palace Restaurant & Saloon //The Palace has been around since 1877 and it has very good food!!! //our last stop before we headed home was The Raven Cafe- one of my favorite places to go - we sipped on lattes and pumpkin ale and listened to live jazz play.

//great day

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