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I am in the process of reading Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts. In her book she dares us to find the joy in the mundane. She explains that thanksgiving is the key to a life full of joy. In the beginning, God told Adam to name everything. The act of naming something acknowledges it’s existence and gives thanks to God for it. She does a better job at explaining it in her book than I am doing right now so don’t take my word for it… go buy the book!

I have finally come up with a clear vision for this blog. To be honest, I was struggling with this whole blogging process simply because I thought blogging was for A) stay at home moms who have lots of fun stories & pictures that they want to share about their family or B) for those hardcore fashionista's out there who seem to have nothing else better to do but shop and play dress up. Since I aspire to be both but have not yet reached either, I was having trouble finding a purpose for this blog. The more and more I think about it and read others blogs I’ve decided that I’m going to do something new, something different with my blog.
I want to use this blog for…
  • My passion for ministry. I love working with women and the I am extremely passionate about strong, healthy marriages. Some posts will be on controversial topics like my post on homosexuality.
  • Fashion – I’m sorry but fashion bloggers need to smile more in their photos – expect smiles & lots of joy!
  • My list of One Thousand Gifts – I’ve decided to take Ann up on her joy dare. I work in an office all day so finding new joys will be a challenge but I am up for it. People should find joy at work. It shouldn’t be as stressful as we make it sometimes… although, I must admit I probably have the least stressful job in my office #gift! :)
  • … and anything else that is interesting. I promise, I will try not to bore you!
I am in the process of purchasing a new camera right now since the one is own is umm… poop, so once I have that my posts should be more frequent. Hopefully, this will solve my bloggers block as well.

Thanks for reading.
xoxo Kerrin


  1. Kerrin, I love your vision. Your heart is so beautiful and I am excited to see what you share here on your blog! :) Cheer's to new adventures full of joy! :)
    Love you!
    - all-things-loverly.blogspot.com


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